ASUS V3000/V3000ZX Display Driver for Windows NT 4.0 version x.xx, MM/DD/YYYY

Operating systems supported
Microsoft Windows NT 4.0 Server (with Service Pack 3 or greater)
Microsoft Windows NT 4.0 Workstation (with Service Pack 3 or greater)

Adapters supported
ASUS V3000/V3000ZX

File list
NV3OGLNT.DLL - ASUS V3000/V3000ZX OpenGL driver
NV3_DISP.DLL - ASUS V3000/V3000ZX display driver
NV3_DISP.INF - Windows NT display driver information file for ASUS V3000/V3000ZX
NV3_MINI.SYS - ASUS V3000/V3000ZX miniport driver
README.TXT - The file you're reading

Installation instructions
1. These drivers must be installed by a user with Windows NT Administrator
privileges. Please consult your system administrator or Microsoft
Windows NT User's Manual for more information on Administrator privileges.

2. Start Microsoft Windows NT 4.0.

3. From the Start menu, select Settings.

4. Select Control Panel.

5. Select Display.

6. Select the Settings tab.

7. Select Display Type.

8. Select Change.

9. Insert the ASUS V3000/V3000ZX Driver Disk 1 into the 3.5" floppy drive.

10. Select Have Disk.

11. Verify that Windows NT has selected to the path to the floppy drive. If
Windows does not have the correct path, correct the path appropriately.
Select OK.

12. Windows NT should find files for the ASUS V3000/V3000ZX. If Windows found the
files, select OK.

13. Windows NT will inform you that you are installing a third party driver, and
will ask if you wish to proceed. Select Yes.

14. Windows NT will copy over the necessary files to the hard disk.

15. Select OK.

16. Select Close.

17. Select Close.

18. Windows NT will ask if you wish to restart the computer. Remove any floppy
diskettes from the floppy drive, then select Yes.

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